iMusician is an iPhone and iPod touch music player application targeted toward the working musician or music student. It can also be of use to others who rehearse with music such as dancers and other performing artists.

The main feature of iMusician is to allow you to divide any song into different segments, label them, and then jump to the segments quickly and have them repeat. For example you can divide the song into “Intro”, “Verse”, “Chorus”, “Piano Solo”, “Guitar Solo”, etc.  You can then select any segment and enable looping on that segment to have it repeat over and over so can learn it and/or rehearse along with it. You can access any segment in the song immediately and switch quickly between segments in any order you wish to learn them. You can also apply various effects to help speed up the learning process, such as slowing down the tempo without changing the pitch, transposing to a different key and also adjusting the pitch slightly to align to your instrument rather then retuning your instrument.
Features will be added to iMusician over time based on the demand for this application. It is expected that the price will increase as features are added. Buy now and help support the development of iMusician. Anticipated  features include:
  • Set management features allowing you to create, modify, and update sets quickly
  • Song and segment notes to help you remember what harmony you had, or how that new intro or ending went.
Apple does not currently allow access the iPhone music library in a way useful to iMusician. The only way to get songs into the iMusician application is to download them wirelessly. This implies that you must have a wireless network in your home or place of rehearsal in order for your iPhone/iPod touch to access the music on your computer. To help with this we have developed iMusician Helpers. You can also upload music using your web browser.

iMusician allows you to organize your songs in folders by adding folders, and allows you to move songs from one folder to another.

If you find any issues with iMusician or there are other features you would like to see added to iMusician, email us or use the contact form.